Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sponsor Love

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love my sponsors! I think they're all fantastic blogs and shops, and I feel as though I haven't been putting the time and effort into promoting them that I should :(

I also feel a little strange toward the end of the month when I'm doing all kinds of posts about sponsors - sponsor features, a call for sponsors, etc. It makes me feel like this blog is not so much "me" anymore and I don't like it. Again, I love my sponsors, but constantly blogging about them isn't what this blog is about.

So my solution is this: I'll only have one sponsor post each month - a call for sponsors with my current sponsors listed (like below) and change my rates. I could tell you how awesome they are in each post, but the fact that they are here already shows that I think they're awesome - so you should just go and see for yourself.

Also, I'm changing my rates because I just want to simplify and make sure my sponsors get as much for the money as possible. So from now on sponsorships are $5 per month. That's it. I got to publishing this post a little late this month, so I'm offering October sponsorships for $3. Email wattlebirddesigns at gmail dot com if interested. And check out my September sponsors below!

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  1. you did such a great job with this post! how do you make collages like that? it looks amazing;0


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