Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bloopers, Vol. 1

It comes with the territory of blogging about fashion - those awkward photos where you're in the middle of scratching your nose or sneezing or whatever. Blurry, obstructed, really bad hair days - it's safe to say that the few photos that make it into each post only tell part of the story.

So this week, I decided to tell the rest of it. Here are some really (more than usual) awkward photos that I've taken through the months. Blurry, ghostly, and even dog butts. They're pretty entertaining, I must say.

Original posts, in case you care about the actual outfits: {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

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  1. Hahaha these photos are so cute! Everyone has bloopers but not everyone is brave enough to show them ;) My favorite has to be the solid black ^^

  2. Ha! I just spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get a decent self portrait and the outtakes are pretty funny. Was planning to do a post just. like. this. one. Great minds MUST think alike. :)

  3. i just love you! :) do you use a tripod? i don't do fashion posts b/c i don't have a photographer. :)gina

  4. I go through the same thing with my food shots! Some are so bright that you wouldn't be able to tell what it was, and others have some embarrassing next to the plate. Ah, the problems of bloggers.

  5. I love this idea! It's so nice to see silly behind the scenes photos with pups invading! I have the same problem, plus I tend to make really stupid faces in mine.

  6. Hahaha great idea to post these pictures! We've got bloopers veeery often too! :)

  7. Jamie, yes, great minds must think alike! I hope you do a post like this - it would be awesome!

    Gina, no, I don't actually have a tripod or a photographer. I usually just set my camera on something which doesn't always work out too well (obviously...) I should get a tripod though.

  8. Hilarious post, love it. :)


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