Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thrifting Finds and a Visit to Stars Hallow

I've always been a huge fan of the show Gilmore Girls. I love their ridiculously wordy conversations and the crazy characters, but my absolute favorite part is the setting. Stars Hallow is the cutest little town where everyone knows everyone and they're all involved in each other's lives in some way. There's the funniest little town drama and a store for everything. It seems like everyone in the town is a small business owner and they all support each other. Not to mention it is just so cute (did I mention that already?) I'd love to live in a place like that.

So a few weeks ago during my vacation, I visited a little town called Brooklyn, Michigan. It reminded me a little of Stars Hallow - the gazebo, some of the shops, the old-timey feel. I loved it.

And of course, I got some neat stuff at the local antique mall - my funky lime green hat, a sassy and tacky cat necklace (I need to fix its eye, but it was too awesome to pass up), and a dear deer (nyuk nyuk nyuk) flower vase, among other things.

Do you know of any other cute small towns like this? I'd love to go on a small town road trip one day!

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  1. SO CUTE!!! I am a small town girl, I really am. Also, I love all your finds, but especially that cat necklace. <3

    I can recommend three fabulous places:

    Panguitch, UT. This was a half hour away from where Jen and I lived and worked for a summer and we drove to Panguitch as they were the only ones who sold dip/chew. Than we explored more and found some of the cutest little cafes and antique stores, and many cowboy stores, run by little old ladies and such. <3

    Tropic, UT. Same as above!!! They are a wee bit more busy than Panguitch, but by busy I mean they have a Home Depot and a Radio Shack, hehe. They have a LOT of town pride and have old time-y banners on each lamppost. <3

    And finally, Ruby's Inn, UT. Okay, in reality, this is a tourist spot. But Jen and I lived and worked here and oh my god. Every day, I'd walk to get breakfast from the Country Store and I'd pet horses on the way. Most of the folks working there, well, this IS there small town. So they give away free ice cream, know who everyone is, etc. It's bliss.

  2. Wow, those are some great finds! I really love that little deer holder :)

    As for small towns, I would definitely recommend Portsmouth, NH (my hometown!). It's a sea town, and was founded in the 1700s. Theres a lot of historic places, parks on the water, and adorable little shops. I love going back to visit my parents and going shopping in Portsmouth!

  3. oh, that deer is just too cute! i would probably use it to hold make-up brushes or keep pens and things by the phone. that way i would be sure to see it and smile every day. small town thrifting rocks!


  4. I used to watch that show soo much!! Love it :)

  5. You would have loved the opportunity to visit The Warner Brothers Studios a few years ago! I went several years ago when Gilmore Girls was still filming. A whole section of the studios was downtown Stars Hollow, complete with gazebo :) We got to walk on the set of the grandparents house & see everything close up! It was such a fun experience!!!

  6. That place looks AMAZING! I love Gilmore Girls too - it is definitely JUST like Stars Hollow!

  7. I thougt it was Stars Hollow, but anyway, I live in Seal Beach and even though it's close to Long Beach and Huntington, the Main st looks just like a small town setting!

  8. Adorable town, this is why I was to live in the US so much, Stars Hollow is my dream place to live!

    I miss Gilmore Girls!

    Rhi x

  9. I love love love love Gilmore Girls!! I think that Stars Hallow would be the absolute perfect place to live!!! And I just adore that little deer vase!!! How darling!!

  10. Love love LOVE Gilmore Girls :)

    Stars Hollow was actually based on a real town in Connecticut (my home state) that the creator of GG visited some time ago...the town is called Washington Depot, CT. Sadly I've never been to visit! Bad GG fan, I know, especially as I lived only about an hour away from Washington Depot in 2009.

    That said, my hometown (Ellington CT) is also a LOT like Stars Hollow. In that when I grew up there, it was a small town with some weird characters and most people knew each other. AND we have the pretty town green with the gazebo ;)

  11. You didn't run into a Taylor or a Kirk type resident, did you? Because THAT would just be the cherry on top of this post!


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