Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIY Fever

It seems like I get really inspired to make stuff whenever I have no time to make stuff. Right now, I have so many great ideas in my head and I've seen a lot of cute things around the internet that I just can't wait to try. I guess I'll have to though, but for now I'll share some projects I really love!

To Wear:

Leather bow headband (could also be a belt?)

The pinwheel skirt (I'll have to work on my sewing skills a bit more first)

Color block moccasins (so easy - I would never have thought to try this!)

For the Home:

Window screens from old lace curtains (the directions aren't in English - but you get the idea)

Crocheted lampshades (I could try to knit something like this)

Repurposed suitcase table (I'm so in love with this one)

Holiday Stuff:

Festive Shoe Clips (YES, OH MY GOODNESS)

Yarn wreaths (I tried some last year - definitely need to step my game up this year)

Paper doll costume (do you think I could pull this off? It's too cute)

You can also check out a few of the DIY's I have done recently, like this chevron headband and easy fall wreath. I'm always gathering ideas on pinterest so you can follow me there or leave your link in the comments so I can continue to find new people to pin from!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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  1. i love anything repurposed with a suitcase, such a fun idea!! and that lace screen is beautiful!!

  2. Oh those screens!! I die! So doing that sometime!! And I love all of the suitcase repurposes Ive seen. :)

  3. I'm now planning a trip to my mom's house to claim some of her vintage suitcases. What a neat idea!

  4. That paper doll costume is super, ridiculously cute beyond belief!

  5. oh my word, OH MY WORD!

    do you know what's amazing? this post! seriously :] i love the lace window screens, the halloween costume, the holiday/bow shoe clips. everything is so fun!

    thanks so much for linking up -- xoxo!

  6. awww I love the wreathes they are adorable :):)

  7. Hi, you have such a lovely blog. That paper doll costume is too cute and love the suitcase table, genius. Have a great day!



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