Thursday, September 1, 2011

4 Silly Questions with Charmingly Ordinary

Are you ready for you Friday fix of sillyness? I hope so, because this week we're hanging out with Jamie of Charmingly Ordinary. Jamie blogs about life as a student and mom, and we have one really dorky saying in common. I'm curious if anyone else does this? Read the interview to find out the dorky saying and some other sillyness.

Who is your favorite fictional dog? Scooby Doo, for sure. I say "rut roah" all. the. time. (editor's note: ME TOO!!!) It's probably very un-cool of me. But while we're talking Scooby, I feel like I should tell you that if I had to be one of the characters, it would defnitely be Thelma. We have the same haircut and sometimes I wear glasses (to make me look smarter, of course. Just kidding.)

What is your favorite '80's-'90's sitcom? Golden Girls, without a doubt. They're so funny! Rose, on her name: Something to the effect of "You can remember my name by thinking of a line of seats, like on an airplane." Um, that would be rows, Rose. Love it.

What is your favorite type of candy bar? Snickers. Hungry? Why wait?

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars! Who can resist a little Yoda?! Or Ewan McGreggor, for that matter.

Thanks, Jamie, for hanging out on my blog today! Yes, I'm still backed up on silly question emails, so if you want to be featured, you can email me but I probably won't respond right away (eventually though - promise). For now, you can answer any of the above questions in the comments! And let me know if you say "rut roh" like Jamie and me :)

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  1. hehe!! I love Golden Girls!! I remember watching that show ALL the time!!!
    My favorite fictional dog is Hot Dog from The Archies!!! He is so cute!! :)

  2. How not to love scooby doo? Miss the cartoon! :) Love your pics... as always!


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