Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vintage Finds: From My Home

Sometimes the best vintage finds are right under your nose. Case in point:

So how about you? Find anything good lately?

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DIY Fever

It seems like I get really inspired to make stuff whenever I have no time to make stuff. Right now, I have so many great ideas in my head and I've seen a lot of cute things around the internet that I just can't wait to try. I guess I'll have to though, but for now I'll share some projects I really love!

To Wear:

Leather bow headband (could also be a belt?)

The pinwheel skirt (I'll have to work on my sewing skills a bit more first)

Color block moccasins (so easy - I would never have thought to try this!)

For the Home:

Window screens from old lace curtains (the directions aren't in English - but you get the idea)

Crocheted lampshades (I could try to knit something like this)

Repurposed suitcase table (I'm so in love with this one)

Holiday Stuff:

Festive Shoe Clips (YES, OH MY GOODNESS)

Yarn wreaths (I tried some last year - definitely need to step my game up this year)

Paper doll costume (do you think I could pull this off? It's too cute)

You can also check out a few of the DIY's I have done recently, like this chevron headband and easy fall wreath. I'm always gathering ideas on pinterest so you can follow me there or leave your link in the comments so I can continue to find new people to pin from!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

That Friend Who's Always Late

Everyone has that one friend who is always late to everything. Mine is Jordan. I love her, but I swear she'll be late to her own wedding. So last week, a few of us were going to her house at 8. I know better than to show up at 8 so I showed up at around 8:15 and SHE STILL WASN'T HOME YET. I wish I could say this was the first time this had happened, but alas, it was not.

So I took some pictures in her backyard even though it was dark as heck because I had nothing else to do while I waited for her to show up. So the pictures are really grainy and gross and I'm sorry. Please direct all hate mail to @ijordymarie. That is all.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage/thrifted
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Parisian (came with a dress)
Earrings: F21
Shoes: Thrifted

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Wreath DIY

A few weeks ago I went to the craft store and picked up three things: a plain stick wreath, a bow, and some fall leaf garland. With just those three things (plus a glue gun and scissors) I was able to make so many different types of fall wreaths for the front door. I took photos to compare so I could decide which style I liked the most.

Super simple bow:

Plain wreath with a few leaf embellishments:

Leaf garland intertwined with the wreath:

Add a few small pumpkins/gourds (from the garland):

The winner: bow with simple leaves covering the wreath

So what do you think? Did I make the right choice? Do you have any favorite fall decorations??

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beard Font

Two of my greatest loves are beards and fonts, so this beard font is basically my favorite thing... ever. I'm now on a quest to find the creator of this masterpiece so I can shake their hand and make them my best friend.

via Design Milk

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Last weekend, I attended a really fun event in my town. It was a Alice in Wonderland themed tea party, and everything was so cute as always. Our local museum is such a cute venue and there were volunteers dressed like Alice characters, sweet desserts, and even croquet for the kids to try out. Lots of people wear vintage hats, and I've been looking for an excuse to wear mine out, so it was perfect!

white rabbit decorationtea party invitation

tea party

tea party table

teacupscones and tea sandwiches

tea party outfit

Outfit Details: 
Dress: Parisian
Cardigan and earrings: F21
Shoes: Payless
Hat: Vintage

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY Chevron Headband

Apparently I'm feeling nostalgic for 5th grade summer camp, because I've been really into making friendship bracelets lately. This project is along the same lines, so if you were an embroidery floss addict like me, this should be pretty easy for you.

chevron headband

Start with a few different colors of yarn. I chose four fall-ish colors for mine. You could use anywhere from 3 to 6 depending on how wide you want your headband to be.


Cut the yarn into about 4-foot strands. Then make a loop in the middle of the strands, tying off about 6 inches of yarn into the loop. You'll later braid this section so it can tie easily in the back, so you can make it longer or shorter depending on your preference. Mine pictured is not quite long enough - you can learn from my mistake.

If you're rusty on how to make a friendship bracelet, here's the basic gist. Lay your yarn out in the order you want the colors to show up. Since you made the loop in the middle, you should have two of strands of each color to work with. When you lay out the colors, you'll want the color on the far left to match up with the color on the far right, and the two colors in the middle to match up, and so on. It also helps to tie the loop end down to something so it stays in place. You can use a safety pin or a piece of tape or basically anything to hold it in place.

Once you're set up, you can start tying knots going from the outside in, making a sort of "4" shape with the yarn.  Using the photo above as a guide, you tie the brown yarn around the red, and hold the red strand straight as you make your knot with the brown. Once your knot is made, continue with the next strand toward the middle. Once you've made knots on all the strands on that side, do the same thing with the brown yarn on the other side. Then tie the two brown strands together in the middle. Then do the same thing with the red yarn (or whatever color is now on the outside).

Continue this pattern until it is long enough to go almost all the way around your head. Then make a knot and braid the ends so they can be tied together easily.

chevron headbandchevron headband

That's all there is to it! Enjoy your cute new headband!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Librarian Chic

I often get comments (compliments? maybe) that I dress like a librarian. I don't normally see it, but librarians are cool so I don't question it. I just take it to mean that I'm wearing a dress that isn't a sequined party dress. And also that people probably don't go to libraries very often.

In this case I can definitely see it though. I call this look librarian-awesome. I got the Teacher's Pet Blouse from the Red Velvet Autumn Collection and it is so amazing. I was waiting patiently for the launch so that I could spend more money than I normally do on an article of clothing, and I'm so glad that I did.

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Red Velvet
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Payless
Necklace and earrings: Renegade Chicago (It was a few years ago and I don't remember the seller - sorry!)
Headband: Thrifted fabric

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