Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lake Vacation Photos

Hi friends! I'm back from a much needed weekend getaway with friends. We went to my friend's family lake house in Michigan, as we do every year. It was great to get away from work and just have fun and not worry about any adult life stuff. Here are some photos from the trip:

I spent my mornings outside on the deck, reading and knitting.

And this dog came to visit me. His name is Buddy.

We played a lot of ladderball and some other outdoor games.

And found this tandem bike that got a lot of use over the weekend.

We had so many dance parties.

And wore crazy outfits. (The closets at this lake house have so many old clothes that are hilarious, and some that I legitimately want to take home and wear)

Then we wore the crazy clothes AND rode the tandem bike. Obviously.

And at night we had bonfires and played around with sparklers.

It was a great weekend. I'm sure I'll share some more photos in future posts, but I just wanted to give you a glimpse of my weekend through instagrams. So what did you all do this weekend??

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  1. omg lake house closet finds sound awesome!

  2. looks like you had a blast of a lake weekend!!!

  3. Those outfits are hilarious! Especially on the tandem bike. I've tried to convince my husband that we should get one, but he refuses.

  4. Sounds like you had lots of fun! I love weekends with friends (and puggles!!!) especially during summer :)

  5. I definitely need a little trip with my friends too. This post made me miss all of our fun times together. Work has me so tired these days. Anyhow, I love all the pictures. Looks like you guys had tons of fun. Oh and that photo of your friends on the tandem bike definitely made me LOL. Where did they get these crazy clothes? =)

  6. "Then we wore the crazy clothes AND rode the tandem bike. Obviously."

    best sentence i've read ALL day. thank you.



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