Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Things

August is here, and there are so many fun things to look forward to right now! Of course I have a lot of work and boring stuff too, but I prefer to focus on the fun stuff.

  • A "staycation" with my boyfriend next week. We're staying in Michigan, but traveling around the south half of the state, doing fun touristy things and hanging out with family. 
  • Creating so many hats and accessories for my autumn line in my shop.
  • Shooting a Halloween "lookbook" for said line. It will be like all these snazzy fashion ones everyone keeps coming out with, but instead of cute clothes it will have awesome/silly hats and fake mustaches. 
  • Going to my friend's lake house for almost a whole week, drinking mimosas for breakfast every day and hanging out at the beach.
  • Exploring new apple orchards this fall, along with corn mazes and pumpkin patches and stuff. 
  • Finally getting a haircut when things slow down with work. My bangs are absurd at the moment. 
  • Buying a new car next month! 
  • There are so many terrible (read: awesome) scary movies coming out soon. Some I'm particularly dying to see include: Shark Night 3D and Final Destination 5.
  • Pottermore will be released for all soon. I'm so excited to take a look - I haven't tried for the Beta version yet, but I might if it's available sometime this week while I'm actually awake/not working. Have any of you gotten early access?

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Tilt
Tank: Thrifted
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Payless
Earrings: F21

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What's making you happy right now?

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  1. I love your outfit and I LOVE how you're so excited for Autumn! SO AM I!!!

    I got into Pottermore *happy squee*, however I have yet to get my official welcome e-mail. So. Effin'. Excited!

  2. such a cute outfit! I love the floral skirt : ) and your hair color is stunning!

  3. LOVE this outfit!!! That cardigan is ADORABLE! And I just LOVE the skirt!

  4. Annie, you're the cutest thing. Hope you have a great staycation! They're my fave :)


  5. Love the outfit!

    I'm on Pottermore :)


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