Monday, August 15, 2011

Eye Candy

Here's some neat stuff I'm loving this week:

lake house

This cozy setup at a lake house in Michigan. I love the quilt and the openness and absolutely everything.

Ron Swanson with a bacon mustache and egg eyes. "Why do people eat anything other than breakfast food?" "Because people are idiots, Leslie." Love it! 

I'm in love with this magical print from Christopher Pollari.

I definitely want to make this recycled map corkboard.

Pop Stache! This is such a cute idea - I think it would be so fun for parties!

This tea party invitation is so perfect. 

This Kermit gif is just way too cute.

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  1. I love the first picture, that's ideal camping. And those mustaches are super fun!

  2. i NEED those pop staches - and kermit is too cute. love him.

  3. Love this post!! The pop-staches are amazing!

    Jim Henson is such a hero of mine, Kermit and Rolf are my favorites <3

  4. hahahahah! the darth vader one is too cute!!!!

  5. Goodness!! I love that print by Christopher Pollari!! I used to have something similar hanging in my room when I was younger.

  6. I LOVE RON SWANSON. You know the actor is a Martha Stewart-approved master wood-worker? I want to marry him.


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