Sunday, August 14, 2011

Autumn Must-Haves

August is halfway over. And while I think summer's cool and all, but my absolute favorite season is Autumn. And since it's getting really close, I can't help but daydream about cooler days, pretty leaves and apple cider. Here are just a few peeks at my must haves for my favorite season:

Patterned Blazers - I'm usually more of a cardigan girl, but I've seen so many cute blazer designs lately, and I love unique patterns. Pictured: from Modcloth

Colorblock Dresses - These are great for layering and come in so many cute fall colors. Pictured: from Ruche 

Ankle Boots - This style has been on my autumn list for several years now, but I'm sticking with it. They're comfortable, versatile, and really cute. Pictured: from Payless

Chai Tea - I love this all year round, but there's something about chai flavors that just screams autumn. Pictured: from Teavana

Colors - I think Pantone's color palette for fall is perfection. I love all of the choices! Pictured: from Pantone

So what are your favorite autumn trends, colors, activities, and traditions?

**I originally shared this list as a guest post on Chic Geek Designs

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  1. Can't wait for fall! I love those color choices.

  2. I agree! Although I do enjoy Summer, I still love Fall and Winter. I love the outfits that I get to wear and I absolutely love everything about WINTER! <3

    My Fall must-haves would be ankle boots, cardigans, blazers as well, and cute dresses!

    Oh, I also love fun skirts paired with cute v-neck sweaters.

    xoxo, Bree

  3. Mmmm Fall. It doesn't hit us here in Florida until sometime after Thanksgiving, but I am ready (especially for a wardrobe change!).

  4. Hooray! Fall things!!! Chai tea!!! It is so close I can almost taste it. Although I wouldn't be surprised if another heat wave or two rolls through my town before fall officially arrives, hehe:)

  5. Ahhh! I'm sooo ready for fall! I love the crispness in the air, going on hayrides, going to the county fair, and bonfires.
    I need it to hurry and get here!!!

  6. I envy you living in a four seasons country!! I only have 365 days of summer here :( Love the fashion love the coolness... LOve it all!

  7. I adore fall too! Can't wait to get my boots, jeans, and sweaters out :-) Soon...soon. Trying to be patient in the meantime (trying).

  8. I'm SOOO excited for autumn, too! Summer failed to show up in Portland this year, so I'm deciding to just forget that ever happened & more right on to fall! Plus, I'm excited to wear lots of sweaters! :)


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