Friday, August 12, 2011

4 Silly Questions with Hazel and Mare

Today's 4 Silly Questions interview is with the wonderful Katie of Hazel and Mare. Katie writes haikus which is so amazingly awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I'm going to forgive her for being a Backstreet Boys fan (NSYNC all the way!) She also has some really interesting theories on zombies and great taste in scary movies (I looooove Final Destination movies, I don't care what anyone says). So let's meet Katie!

What do you think of zombies? I think this is a very important question to be raised, because although zombie attacks are unlikely, it is smart to stay prepared. I am glad that I live on the third floor of my apartment building and that my landlord has invested in super padlocked doors to keep out the general crazies that roam my city on any given day. So my first thought would be to hunker down in my apartment with a few seasons of Mad Men and hope that the general crazies will take out all the zombies before I have to worry about them. And then I can just go back to worrying about the general crazies. However, I’ve always wondered about Hollywood’s portrayal of zombies. They used to be slow-moving and dim-witted, and easy to outrun. We could have just shepherded them all off a bridge without too much trouble. But modern zombies ravage the public at ninja-like speeds, which seems unrealistic, since many people today hate exercise. Are we to believe that once someone is undead, they  all of a sudden have the fitness stamina of Jilllian Michaels? I would think it much more likely for the zombies to chill out in their houses watching reality television, and then feast on whatever Girl Scout, political canvasser, or pizza delivery guy that happens to knock on their door.

What is your favorite scary movie? I am very bad with scary movies, in that I end up covering my ears and closing my eyes and la-la-la-ing during any potentially scary moments. But whenever Halloween rolls around, I forget that I am a complete and total wuss and embark on a terrifying movie scream-a-thon. As far as my preferred movies go, I enjoy the ones with killers as opposed to ones with paranormal creatures. For some reason, encountering a serial killer in my daily life seems less likely than a poltergeist who wants to turn on all my electrical appliances and tickle my feet while I’m sleeping. So I’ll watch every craptastic Scream or Final Destination that Hollywood throws at me, but please kindly keep your Paranormal Activity and The Ring as far away from my television as possible.

What fictional character would you most like to hang out with? I think I would most like to hang out with Bridget Jones. Between the Celine Dion power ballads, embarrassing moments at office Christmas parties, poor cooking skills, and hilariously tragic love connections, I think we’d have quite a lot in common. I would go to her flat for marmalade and blue soup any day. Incidentally, I have not trusted Hugh Grant since that movie. Not even when he was nice in Love Actually and fell in love with that girl from Eastenders. As you can all see, I have a very refined taste in cinema. ;)

What is your favorite 90's boy band? I was a Backstreet Boys girl all the way. In fact, it was the first concert I ever attended, which is not at all embarrassing. My favorite Backstreet Boy was AJ, who was the “bad boy” in the group. Though in hindsight I wonder how “bad” you could be if you are in a boy band. He did have tattoos and facial hair, and wore sunglasses at night. So I guess in the mid- 90s that was about as “bad boy” as you could get. Nick was a bit too “pretty boy” for me, and Brian seemed like the kind of guy who acted all romantic and sensitive but was actually a player. That’s right- I saw through your act, Brian! I always thought Kevin was too old to be in the Backstreet Boys, even when I was 10. And now he’s 40- definitely moved into Backstreet Man territory. And there was another guy who must not have been that awesome because I never hung up his poster from Tiger Beat Magazine in my locker. (Editor's note: Kevin was definitely too old. And I think the other guy was named Howie, because I used to call him hungry Howie. I thought I was really funny)

Thanks so much, Katie, for being part of this series! Everyone please check out Katie's blog, Hazel and Mare! And feel free to answer any of the above questions in the comments. OR even better, if you have ideas for silly questions you'd like me to use in upcoming interviews, feel free to leave those as well.

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  1. Thanks Annie! This was so much fun! Poor Howie, the forgotten Backstreet Boy... I think officially NSYNC wins the battle, because JT is crazy successful, and none of the Backstreet Boys hold a candle to him now! ;)

  2. I love getting to know the odd little things that go on in people's minds. Katie, you are too adorable!

    (& I prefer BB to NSYNC's my guilty pleasure).

  3. hehe!! I love zombie films + I am totally seeing the new Final Destination film, this weekend!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!! It is by far my favorite series!! :)

    PS Totally off subject, but I was reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets last night {for the first time- i just started the series last week! I don't know why I haven't picked up this series sooner!! Shame on me!! anywho-} and when Ron + Harry can't get into their dorm because they haven't the password and Hermione tells them it's "wattlebird" I totally thought of you Annie + your Harry Potter party!! :) ......just wanted to tell you....

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. I think this was a totally brilliant interview. I would love to hang with Bridget Jones as well and Jack Sparrow and Hermoine Granger. Another weird question, but totally great question to ask, would be if you were hosting a small dinner party, which famous people would you invite(dead or alive)????

    Take care and keep the great interviews coming.

    Lisa x

  5. Megan, that is where I got my name from! haha I'm glad someone found that - so funny!

  6. some of the best answers to 4 Silly Questions I've seen yet! I was mesmerized!!! And the zombie answer - very well thought out (being a zombie person myself)


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