Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Night Flowers and Day Flowers

floral dress

A couple weeks ago I wore this dress out for the night. By that I don't mean clubbing or anything. I don't go clubbing, in case you were wondering. I'm too busy knitting and watching Harry Potter movies for the 7,000th time. So I guess you could say that my day outfits and my night outfits are pretty much the same. But I still wanted to show how this dress could go from night to day with a couple of cute and colorful accessories.

floral dressfloral dress

black sandals

I've been trying to challenge myself to mix up the items in my wardrobe, instead of just wearing them in the same outfit combinations over and over again. I feel like I definitely did that here.

floral dressfloral dress

Outfit Details:
Dress: thrifted // sometimes sweet shop
Necklace, shirt, belt: various thrift/vintage shops
Tights: don't remember (oops!)
Shoes: Payless

**I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for WIWW

Also, I have red hair again!! Yippee!!

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  1. Oh! I love both the day and night versions! Totally different looks!

  2. definitely works for night and day! ;)

    I love Harry Potter!

    xoxo, Bree


  3. cute outfit - so colorful!! love the tights, esp. :) and your hair color is rockin'!

  4. nice outfit !!!

    and for me is cutting, pasting and Harry Potter.

  5. very cute! i like how you wore a tank on the inside of the dress. i would never have thought to do that. now i can pair my dresses in another way!!!

    and i have the exact pair of shoes, but in blue!!! yay!!!!

  6. I love the dress. You look gorgeous! I've never really though about pale blue leggings but you definitely make me want a pair. x

  7. i love your new hair color - red is good for you! i love your outfit as well; so colorful! have a lovely day! xoxo danielle

  8. The red hair wins.
    The dress wins.
    The wide belt wins.

    I heart this outfit hard.

    Sara Sophia

  9. loving your hair hun!

    seeing you post this reminded me that I have these teal leggings that I really need to wear before they become obsolete.

  10. Entirely gorgeous! And there is nothing wrong with watching Harry Potter 7000 times. In fact, I think it's required by law.

  11. I love your cute summer look!
    I found you on the pleated Poppy and look forward to checking out your blog =)


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