Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mandipity's Baby Shower

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Gina inviting me to a baby shower for blog friend, Mandy. I'm really not a big fan of baby showers, but I can get down with this virtual version. I get to wish my friend well without 4 hours of oohing and ahhing at breast pumps and diapers (it's cool if you love baby showers - it's just not my thing).

But in all seriousness - Mandy, you are one of the sweetest ladies I've had the pleasure of "meeting" and I wish you all the best. I'm sure you will be a wonderful mom, and I found some baby stuff on etsy that I thought was cute. So here you go!





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  1. Love the baby onesies and cracking up about what you said on sitting through real showers.

  2. L. O. L. I love love love those little onesies!! TOO cute!!! Wonderful finds!!
    I love this baby shower that Gina + Rachel put together!! It was such a fun idea for Mandy!! xoxoox

  3. Lol, I'm with you... aside from the actual interactions with people, baby showers may be best virtually :)
    Thank you so much for doing this Annie! I love the your etsy finds... those onsies are too funny! :)

  4. so cute and fun! I love the onesies;)

  5. cute idea! those onesies are hilarious!

  6. Those onesies are the bomb!! :)


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