Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inspiration Workshop: My Inspiration

Whenever someone asks what inspires me, I have a really tough time answering. It's not that I'm not inspired - it's that I'm just inspired by everything. I can't pin down one thing, because to me inspiration is something you don't go looking for, it just finds you, you know? I thought really hard about this prompt, trying to decide what might be a main source for inspiration, and I was able to narrow it down to a few things that are always around to inspire me.


  1. Fiction. Books, movies, TV, whatever. Immersing yourself in a world that isn't real and was created by another person is extremely inspirational.
  2. Crafts. Just browsing a craft store for supplies sparks so many ideas in my brain. I always make sure to bring a notepad with me so I can remember stuff I want to buy/make next time around.
  3. Quotes. This one is super cheesy, but true. A good inspirational quote can be just the boost of self-esteem/inspiration you need when you're feeling slightly less than creative.
  4. You guys. Okay, this one's cheesy too, but also true. Every time I log onto twitter/bloglovin/whatever and see the creativity of other people, it inspires me. This isn't about copying, it's just about seeing others with similar interests doing something unique, whether it's a product made for etsy, an outfit post, or a tutorial or well-written post. I love that there are so many people sharing what they love and what they do best. It's really inspiring.

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  1. I love that you used a quote from Harry sad the movies are over! :(

  2. Yes!! I'm inspired by so much, too!! Especially numbers 2 and 4 :)

  3. I 100% agree with your inspirations. Especially *Fiction* if I didn't take my measily 30 minute lunch break at work and read in my little lightly shadowed corner of the lunch area...I wouldn't be able to function in the "real world" of work. I read my lovely full of fiction book any chance I get! Crafts and other blogs are such a source of inspirational enlightenment! I'm inspired right now :)

  4. inspiration, everywhere, anywhere.
    watch movies, listen to music, read a book, browse a magazine, go to the web, check people's photos, get into someone else's blog, etc.

  5. I love that embroidery, it's perfect!

  6. Oh man... Dumbledore quotes really bring on the waterworks...

    I fully agree with your inspiration post! :) Happy friday!


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