Friday, July 15, 2011

Deathly Hallows, Part 2

WARNING: POST CONTAINS SPOILERS!! Do not scroll down if you don't know what happens in the movie and don't want to find out.

Also, this post is a major nerd alert. No Potter hater comments, please. I'm aware that you think I'm weird - there's no need for name calling or negativity :)


As promised, here's a post about costumes from the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. To be honest, I didn't take any photos because I was trying to enjoy the experience fully and I forgot my camera, hah! But friends took photos of our costumes, obviously, so here they are. I'll have many more Harry Potter posts this week, including recipes, decorations, crafts, and more costumes!

harry potter costumes
Fawkes the Phoenix, Bellatrix Lestrange, Voldemort, Molly Weasley, The Dark Mark, Fred and George Weasley

fred and george weasley costumes molly weasley costumethe hogwarts express fawkes costumes

Me in my mostly-knit Molly Wealey costume, with Tommy as George Weasley and a little felt puppet I made to be Fred Weasley (RIP) // Whitney as The Hogwarts Express (love the whole idea!) and Jordan as Fawkes (so many feathers!)

molly weasley bellatrix lestrange fight

I had to fight my mortal enemy Bellatrix Lestrange. Not my daughter, you bitch! When she said that, our whole theater cheered so loud!

deathly hallows costumes

harry potter costumes

harry potter costumes

I can't believe it's over. I'm still not sure how I feel about the movie. I definitely cried during a big chunk of it, but in other areas I felt unsatisfied (like Dumbledore's entire backstory). I need to see it again so that I can gather my thoughts properly. I was too upset/excited/emotional last night, haha. Have any of you seen it? I'd love to know what you thought!

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  1. WOW! Those costumes are ammmmaaazing!
    I don't really know how I feel either...some things just kinda made me go: "wait...what??" (uh, like Harry giving Voldemort a hug and jumping off a cliff?!) but I was well enough.

  2. Amazing costumes!!

    I definitely need to see it again to sort my thoughts out; I'm too emotionally clouded right now xD I've always understood that some things will inevitably get cut out for length or just plain better adaptation for the screen versus a book, but yeah, I missed some parts a good deal. Overall loved it :D

  3. Oh man, I could go on and on about this movie but instead of leaving my opinions in a comment I plan on posting them on my blog later this evening...because otherwise I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to fit all I have to say in this comment field!

    That said, you guys are awesome, your costumes are great, and I do not think you're weird...but that may very well be because *I* am weird too, as I dressed up as well. There were some great costumes at our theater (a really awesome Bellatrix and a great Tonks)...I'm sad that I didn't have the balls to take pictures of/with them :( But I did take pictures of my costume and those will go up with my post on the movie later :)

  4. What a fun evening! Although I must say that I am one of the five people on the planet who is not up on the HP. With all of this buzz I feel like I'm missing out! :)

  5. I am SO into those stripey knitted sleeves, Annie! Your costume turned out super-rad :)

  6. First, WHOA! amazing !! I missed the midnight screening so I went the next day but no costumes at that time (though there were free chips but I don't think that's got anything to do).

    I also plan to write all (ALL) of my comments of the movie on a post later today. What I feel is weird, I mean, it's the last movie EVER, but I didn't like the last part of the book, but still there was a lot of things to capture and tell and they missed a lot. I think, if you haven't read the book there is no way you could understand why everything is happening. But maybe that was on purpose to make everyone read the book. Who knows?

    The only thing is I'm not that happy about the movie. But I have to watch it again for sure.

    Georgie :'(

  7. I really am putting off seeing this and I probably won't until it hits Blu Ray. I really don't want it to end and I have read all of the books and I part of me is deathly afraid to see this movie because I know they took liberties and adapted it for screenplay so a lot is probably missing. I don't know, I am excited about seeing more of Jamie Campbell Bower as Grindelwald please tell me he has more scenes in this one (he is soo yummy).

  8. LOVELY costume! And Bellatrix is my fav. character, so I love seeing someone dressed as her. :D

    Jen and I hate crowds, so we won't be going to see HP until either the crowds die down (unlikely) or it's released on DVD!

  9. fantastic costumes! i especially love voldemort and george (and fred!). ;)

    i think they glossed over dumbledore and snape's back stories and i wanted more from the 19 years later, but i still thought it was an amazing movie. i guess i'm such a fan that i don't really care anymore about the movie's flaws? haha. loved it. :)

    <3, Mimi

  10. A-MAYYYY-ZING costumess!!! you guys make going to the movies so much fun!!!! i'm so sad that it's the end. this year's halloween is going to be major Harry Potter-ish, what do u think?

  11. Ah, this is so sweet. I teared up in the end of it, very bittersweet.

  12. Awesome costumes. My friends and I dressed up to go see *I think* The Goblet of Fire when it first came out. We didn't go as any particular character though, we just wore cloaks and witches hats.


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