Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Call for August Sponsors

July was my biggest traffic month ever here on Wattlebird. I'm so happy to see this blog continue to grow. I have some NEW ad packages available for August, so that I can continue to draw attention to my awesome sponsors.

Starting this month, ONE feature sponsor ad will be available each month. The ad will be 200x200 and located at the top of the sponsor section on my sidebar. This sponsor will also receive their very own sponsor post or giveaway. There is only one of these per month, but I will be willing to let you book a spot in advance. Please email me asap before they're all gone!

For regular sponsors, I will continue to offer sidebar ads along with a group sponsor post and optional giveaway. All sponsors are also welcome to offer a coupon code or other incentives within the sponsor post. Rates for these spots are changing to $10 for one month or $20 for 3 months. Yes, that means if you buy two months you get the third free. How can you pass that up?

Please take a gander at my sponsor page for more information, or email me at wattlebirddesigns AT gmail DOT com if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you!

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  1. I would love to be a sponsor next month. :D

    Please may I book my place?

  2. Yay for your blog! And I think you are looking very Eva Mendes here. :)

  3. Erin - yes, I'll save you a space. Please email me! :)
    And Jamie - WOW thank you! She is gorgeous!


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