Friday, July 15, 2011

4 Silly Questions with Elf House Chronicles

Hey everyone! It's time for another 4 Silly Questions feature - I know you're psyched out of your minds. Today's featured silly person is Manda Jane of the blog Elf House Chronicles. Manda chronicles her life, crafts, baking and other adventures AND she has mad love for Harry Potter, so you know that means I have mad love for her. Let's learn her thoughts on mostly-irrelevant topics!

What do you think of robots? I think of robots much the same as I think of zombies. In my mind, they fall in the same category. And that category are things that could possibly one day take over the world. So, that makes them scary to me. Scary little world dominators!
What type of zoo animal would you most like to have as a pet? The zoo animal I would most like to have as a pet is a total no brainer! I've been obsessed with gorillas as long as I can remember. They intrigue me. They are so much like us humans in the way they feel and act and interact. You can see their souls through their eyes! On a side note, I would only like to keep one as a pet if I could get a promise that it wouldn't go crazy and tear me limb from limb!

Are ninjas cooler than pirates? I'm going to have to say Pirates are way cooler than ninjas. I mean, hello, Pirates get to travel the world, drinking and plundering and pillaging. I mean, how does it get any better than that?
If Hermione Granger fought Bella Swan, how fast would Bella get knocked out? Bella Swan is a WIMP! She has no chance in any type of battle with Hermione Granger. I would say that Hermione could knock her out in 3.5 seconds flat - and that's WITHOUT using magic!! Hermione is a beast (in a beautiful, sexy, girl way)!

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If anyone else wants to take part in this fun interview feature, you can email me at wattlebirddesigns (at) Thanks to Manda for being silly! And now I'd like to hear from you all - feel free to answer any/all of these questions in the comments!

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  1. i would actually pay money to see hermione give bella the what-for! great post! thanks for the giggles.



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