Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Nights

I'm so excited about a lot of fun things this summer: mini-vacations, parties, and enjoying the wonderful weather! But sometimes it's just fun to sit around at a Coney Island for several hours, drinking coffee and talking about who-knows-what.

I'm trying really hard to take more photos of everyday life. Not just for this blog, but just to have them and stuff. It seems like a pretty good habit to be in. So the other day I just decided to set my camera down on the table and let this chaos ensue.

What's your favorite low-key summer activity?


  1. camping! I love camping, kinda sucks around here because once summer hits, the camp-grounds are PACKED!! but before that happens we try to get in at least one trip!

  2. nice photos & that ring is so cutee! xx

  3. haha, this looks like fun! Favorite low key activity? Swimmin' in the river!


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