Sunday, June 12, 2011

Relay For Life

Last weekend, I walked in my first ever Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. Even though it was 96 degrees, it was a great experience. My teammates were wonderful, and our theme was the Wizard of Oz (my favorite movie ever!) I loved decorating our tents with rainbow colors and movie characters. We also had games and activities all centered around the characters and events from the movie. We even had a little bake sale with THE CUTEST cupcakes. I'm serious. On top of all that, my mom got to walk in the "survivor lap" that kicks off the relay. This was her first official event since beating breast cancer a few months ago, and they gave her a little sash and everything. I took A LOT of pictures there, so I tried to narrow it down (sort of). Here's my photo dump:

That dog is my favorite. I totally want a Newfoundland one day. But anyway, it was an awesome event and I'm definitely looking forward to doing it again next year. Have any of you participated in a RFL before? Or any type of cause/walk event?


  1. We did this not to long ago in FL. My hubby works for target and they sponsored the event. So much fun!

  2. what a great time and a great cause!

  3. I've done 4 RFL so far! Love doing them! Your pictures are beautiful! The location was so awesome, near water. Ours is always at a local HS. The theme of yours was so much more fun that ours this year. We did generations :D

    Loved this post!


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