Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pokemon Hat of the Week: Koffing

Okay, I'm bringing it back - I AM STICKING WITH IT TOO! If you're unfamiliar with my Pokemon Hat of the Week posts, you can check out the rest of them. I quit posting about them several months ago because I was just feeling worn out and uninspired, but I really love this feature and I'm determined to one day make all 151 of the original Pokemon in hat form. That's a really strange goal, I know, but I'm a really strange gal.

So I'm starting off simple this week, with Koffing. Need a reference? Here ya go:


I already have a few more hats finished, so I'm really excited to show them off in the next month or so. I hope that those of you who don't like Pokemon can still get a kick out of these posts, even if it's just in a "look at this crazy girl knitting weird stuff" kind of way.

Next week's Pokemon will be Ghastly!


  1. SO AWESOME!!! I'm a HUGE Pokemon fangirl, as is Jen. This is just... just... AWESOME!!! I've also always loved fun knit hats, starting with panda and neko (kitty) hats. ^_^ I love what you're doing and hope you KEEP ON DOIN' IT!!! :D

  2. I feel like this is the most incredible project I've ever seen. And that you might be the coolest blogger ever. I have a friend with a dog named diglett that needs your diglett hat. You are amazing.

  3. That is an awesome goal! I'm looking forward to seeing more pokeman hats. How many have you done so far?


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