Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Wear Jeans Sometimes

Not very often, but I do. I have some tops that don't go with ANYTHING else in my wardrobe, and sometimes pants are just necessary. So I thought I'd show proof that I do sometimes don the denim.

The other day, I was photographing some vintage clothing for my shop, and decided to wear one of the jackets after I photographed it. I never really wore it much, but you know when you're thinking of getting rid of something, it automatically becomes much more appealing. I'm still on the fence about selling it. The one on the manequin is definitely going though, as it doesn't fit.

I'm a little behind schedule with getting the vintage shop off the ground. I HATE listing more than anything, for some reason. So I keep putting it off, even though I have a lot of items photographed, cleaned and measured. I will get my butt in gear this week though. I WILL.

Outfit Details: 
Jacket and scarf: vintage
Shirt: Parisian
Jeans: Macy's
Earrings: F21
Ring: Pier 1
Shoes: Keds

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  1. Loving your jacket! I hope you had a great Tuesday sweetie! I have some great news on my blog about my writing. Maybe you can check it out! Kori xoxo


  2. Yeah... it always hardest to part with your old clothing during the last minute... Happened to me before.. many times when listing them on ebay!

  3. love the jacket with the stripes! great combo!

  4. i LOVE this outfit girl!! the stripes and red jacket combo are great!! i'm not a huge jeans wearer either but we now have jeans summer at work where we can wear jeans to work every day this summer. needless to say, i need to buy more jeans!!

  5. You look so beautiful girl!! I totally know about the whole jeans things. It's a nice change and a way to wear different things! :) HAve a wonderful week Annie!! xo

  6. The jacket you're wearing is super cute. I love when people aren't afraid to mix patterns (your scarf and striped shirt). Super cute.


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