Monday, June 6, 2011

Eye Candy

I'm kind of on inspiration overload right now - I've been finding so many amazing posts online, that I thought I should start sharing them. Here are some of my favorite fancy finds from the last week.

>>This look into Chloe Sevigny's apartment. 

>>This super springy ensemble from YeYe! (plus, I love her braids!)

>>Yes, this is a crochet Kawaii taco headband.

>>I love the idea of this type of photoshoot! I can definitely see my friends and I trying to re-create something like this one day. (original photo credit unknown, let me know if you have any info)

>>This picture of Lucy sewing.

>>I'm not what you'd call a romantic, but older couples who are still in love make me say "awwww" 1000 times

>>I love all things vintage and all things Harry Potter, so this vintage style butterbeer poster is basically my favorite thing ever. 

>>These chocolate banana heart-shaped waffle earrings are the cutest!

>>These paintings look so much like photographs. I'm amazed!

Most of these were found through the week using Tumblr and Pinterest (if you'd like to follow me there for even MORE fancy finds). Hope you're having a stellar week!


  1. That taco headband is the cutest thing ever!!!
    velvet cupcakes

  2. Love all those thing! That picture of the older couple is SO cute!

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  4. Love the eye candy!! The older couple and the "surfing" photo are my faves.
    Alyson --

  5. so much good eye candy here for sure! fascinated by those paintings - they look like photos!!!!!

  6. Wonderful selection of pics... I adore them all! :)

  7. love the taco! soo cute, and the butterbeer sign!

  8. I love these kinds of posts. It's so fun to see what inspires other people.

    A few things:
    1. Older couples in adorable!
    2. That wave photo with the laundry...genius!
    3. I Love Lucy is one of my all-time fav shows.

    Thanks for sharing!


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