Thursday, June 9, 2011

Almost Vintage

A few weeks ago, I talked about my shopping habits in regards to clothing. There's no denying that I'm a little stingy with the old pocketbook, but I do have a lot A LOT of clothes. How is this possible? Here's how:

1. It's seriously rare for me to get rid of anything. I donate clothes once in awhile, and I have (on occasion) sold to a resale shop (where I then turn around and spend that money on more clothes - trades are guilt-free!) But I usually just keep everything. I love classic looks, and if something does go out of style, I usually try to find a way to alter in so I can keep wearing it.

2. I accept hand-me-downs. That sounds very 5-years-old, doesn't it? But yes, I do get some clothes from friends and family members who are getting rid of them. I have no shame. And a lot of people I know buy things, wear them once (or never), then decide to get rid of them. I've gotten quite a few pieces that still have tags. PLUS, I trust the source and know the clothing hasn't been anywhere gross.

3. The obvious answer: thrifting. Second-hand shops used to gross me out. But I just wash and disinfect a lot and I get over it (I'm a bit germaphobic). The minute I realized I could get way WAY more for my money, thrift shops became my best friend.

In this outfit, the top is AT LEAST 6-7 years old, and the plaid shirt is a hand-me-down.

Outfit Details:
Top: can't remember!
Plaid shirt: hand-me-down
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Payless
Earrings: Sandy a la Mode

So that's how I manage to stay a frugal shopaholic. Do you have any other tips I (or other readers) could use to get more for the money?? Please share in the comments!!

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