Thursday, June 30, 2011

4 Silly Questions with The Chatty Mommy

This week's silly interviewee is the Chatty Mommy, who runs a blog and an Etsy shop. She has some pretty interesting thoughts on celebrities, and we enjoy the same type of pasta. Awesome! Let's learn more about her:

Which is better, Legos or Tinkertoys? Legos- all the way!  I googled last year what the best Christmas presents to get for kids and the number one answer was legos!  They are good for any age even adults and last a long time.

What is your favorite shaped pasta noodle? My favorite shaped noodle is bowties!!!  I just love them in anything- the only problem- the husband doesn't eat them.  Which is probably ok, because I should be cutting down on the pasta.

Think of a funny, far-fetched tabloid headline that would catch your eye at the checkout line.  "Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Return to Missouri and Find Jesus"- maybe this isn't so much "funny", but far-fetched.  I think it is so interesting that someone as huge a star as Brad Pitt is from Missouri, one of the most Bible believing states in the US.  But, hey, it could happen....

What celebrity would you most like to have dinner with, and what would you talk about? This sounds so funny, but I would have to say...  Lindsay Lohan.  I always feel like I could help her and I would love to be her friend and give her a normal life and take her out of the craziness.  Do you think she is reading this?  Tell her to contact me if she is...  :)

So there you have it... Lindsey Lohan, if you're reading this, you can email me at wattlebirddesigns AT gmail DOT com and I'll arrange for you to have dinner with the Chatty Mommy. Anyone else, if you'd like to participate in 4 Silly Questions, you can also email me at the above address. Thanks so much to the Chatty Mommy for participating!

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  1. how fun and i love those tags;)

  2. I love bowties too... the tags are beautiful, btw!! :))

  3. I love that you don't ask "normal" questions... way more interesting to read the responses when the questions are fun. :)
    And yesssss, bowties.

  4. Those tags are so pretty!! Have a great weekend!

  5. What a great interview and you know what? I totally agree about the dinner with Lindsay Lohan! I often feel that way about celebs.

  6. This interview is so cute. I love the unusual questions you have asked too.

    I'd love to have dinner with Lindsay Lohan too... *admits guilty secret*

    I'm following your blog now! Hope you don't mind :))


  7. Great blog! I love bowtie shaped pasta too.

  8. Can we talk about how I'm so glad the sponsor email sent me to you?
    I describe myself as an old soul at least once a month and like every single thing you have posted!

    :) Fate friends

  9. Thank you! I'm glad everyone likes bowtie pasta as much as me and TCM. And Kaysie, I'm so glad too - Love your blog as well! Old souls for life!!


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