Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why I Love Michigan (& I think you'd like it too)

Michigan has kind of a bad rep - we all know this. A lot of it has to do with Detroit and the recession, but I think my home state is pretty neat. Here's why I like living here and why I think you might like visiting here too:

1. Water
Everyone always wants to live near water, vacation near water, and look at water. I'm not sure where this originally stems from - probably cavemen or something. The point is, water is pretty cool, and we have a lot of it here. If you haven't noticed, we're kind of surrounded by fresh water lakes, and we have some rivers too. So if you're looking for some waterfront views or a house near the beach (minus the sharks and other scary ocean stuff) look no further!

The view from my friends house on a lake near Jackson, MI.

2. Weather
I know that everyone who lives here is now staring daggers at me through their computer screen, but hear me out. Yes, we have some sporadic and unpredicatble weather during seasonal transitions, I won't deny it. BUT we have a fairly even timeframe for all four seasons - it's warm in the summer, crisp in the fall, cold and pretty in the winter, and fresh in the spring. And though sometimes it might snow in April, that's about as bad as it gets. We don't have enough water here for hurricanes. We're not in the middle of tornado alley or earthquake central. We've seen a few here, but they're far from common.

Autumn is fun at Michigan apple orchards

3. Cool Shape
We're shaped like a mitten. What's your state shaped like?

4. Pride Without Attitude
A lot of us are proud Michiganders, but we don't walk around with our noses in the clouds acting like we're better than anyone. We just like to support local businesses and enjoy awesome Michigan-made products - and there are a lot of awesome Michigan made products.

This is a photo from a park near my house, about 10 minutes outside of Detroit

5. City life
Yeah, I'll go there. You think "well, if I want to vacation in a city, I'll go to New York or San Francisco." Well, why? You want things like nightlife, entertainment, sports, and events, right? Guess what? We have that here too! The difference is that it's not as crowded or expensive here. And no, Downtown Detroit is not murder-central, like you might think. It's just as safe as any other downtown area. I really enjoy this list from Inside Detroit about what we have to offer.

So that's my short list. There's a lot more, of course, but I don't think you want me to go on forever. (You could also just watch some Pure Michigan commercials). So did I sway your opinion at all? I'd also love to hear about where you live and why you think it's awesome too.


  1. I have a secret - I've always wanted to move to michigan :D

  2. Michigan ROCKS!! Who else gets to use their hand as a map? HMM yeah!! Winters can suck and be long, but the summers are usually the BOMB!! Plus, you don't get fall colors like we do! Power to Michigan! Power to Traverse City EH!!!

  3. I miss Michigan! Can't wait to move back in a few years!

  4. Great post about Michigan Annie. I didn't know much about your state, except for what I saw in the movies, so this is definitely an eye-opener.

    I put up my post today with your wattlebird button. I hope I did you justice!

    Have a great week! xo

  5. Blegh. To be honest, I'm a little proud of being a Michigander, but just barely. For the most part, I think it's the winter that turns me off. Sure, it's pretty solid, these seasons. I just hate the snow, I think. And I'd hate the snow if I lived in any other state as well, so I'm a little biased about not liking Michigan, since hey, it does snow..

    But these are all good reasons to like Michigan.

  6. My guy lives just outside Detroit (i'll hopefully be joining him there soon) so i've heard crazy stories about the weather especially about the recent snow! Now just have a HUGE list of things to do and places to go when I finally move. I've heard brilliant things about driving around the northern end of the state in the autumn.

  7. That lake photo looks wonderful. I would love to live on a peaceful body of water like that.

  8. Michigan sounds absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing. :)

    The Cat Hag

  9. Great post! I'm actually moving back to the mitten in a few weeks after living in Los Angeles for the past 5 years! People here think I'm crazy when I'm tell them I'm moving to the Detroit area. Michigan gets a bad rep, but to me it's home.

  10. I did my first Michigan state love painting last week! I was excited to do it..
    My husband dis scare me after I had finished the painting asking what the state above it was - referring to the non-mitten portion. I quickly ran to Google maps to make sure I had done it correctly ;)
    I'd like to visit!

  11. I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I grew up in MI. Outside of Flint, so it seems like home to me and I did enjoy it. I can't say I miss the winters anymore but I really did like it. I enjoyed going up to the U.P. for summer camp and driving over the lakes, etc. Really pretty state. Need to take my hubby up there. :-)


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