Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Outfit: Someplace Tropical and Living a Colorful Life

I wasn't really sure what to call this outfit. It's kind of Hawaiian maybe, but it could be inspired by a different tropical location? Maybe some Asian influence in there? I don't know... Oh well, it's colorful and fun and comfortable. Also, this is probably as long as my hair has ever been. I'm hoping to keep it going, but we'll see (I'm so impatient with my hair).

Dress: Thrifted (Liz's Closet)
Cardigan and leggings: F21
Necklace and headband: Handmade by me
Tank: Thrifted
Shoes: Vintage

I've been trying to integrate more color into my wardrobe. I do have a lot of black and gray, which are okay sometimes, but I know that I wear them so much just because they're easy. Here are some tips for including more color and less boring into your wardrobe:

Wear fewer pieces - Many people are scared of mixing too many colors or patterns in their outfits, so they pick one colorful piece (if that) and then go neutral for the rest. Well, black and white aren't the only things that go with everything, but if you're one of these people, try just making the colorful piece the center of your outfit, and simplify from there. Wear a colorful/patterned dress and then a cardigan/tights in a complementary color. Or wear a colorful top and neutral pants. The fewer items you're wearing, the more people will notice that one colorful piece.

Get the essentials in solid colors - Of course everyone needs a black pair of flats, a drawer full of white t-shirts, and a few gray cardigans. But what about a pair of red flats? A purple handbag? A green dress? Blue tights? Solid colors are easier to pair with other articles of clothing, so on those days when that black dress really is the best option, you'll have some bright red tights to pair it with (I always get lots of compliments on my red tights).

Try color blocking - This is one I've been a little scared to try, but I'm definitely going to in the coming weeks. You have a colorful top, colorful skirt, colorful shoes, but they don't necessarily "match." So what? If they look nice together, just put them all in one outfit. Solid colors in the same "family" (i.e. brights, traditional, etc.) can look really great together. Some examples of color blocking.

Shop in outfits - This sort of goes against what I was just saying, but what works for some might not work so well for others, so this is just another option. However, I'm soooo not good at this one. I'm a sale/thrifting girl so I just buy a cute item whenever i find a good deal. But if you're going on a shopping spree or something, shopping for full outfits instead of just individual items can help you to include more color. You know that colorful skirt in your closet that doesn't necessarily "go" with anything, so you just wear it with a gray shirt? Yep, well if you had found a complementary shirt when you were at the store (many stores are set up by color) you might find a more interesting top that will "go" with your skirt and the gray shirt won't be necessary.

Pick out some favorite color schemes - Some colors just look great together (my favorites right now are teal and coral) so if you pick out a few schemes like that, you'll have many pieces to mix and match which will create a whole lot of more interesting outfits (sans black).

I'm still a pretty big fan of black/gray/other neutrals, but colors are just so much fun. Do you have any other tips to share?

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  1. You are soo cute :-) Great combination of colours and shapes and accessories.

  2. I love your outfit and this post! I wish I had a bigger, better wardrobe. No lie, over half of my wardrobe needs to be thrown away. The last few years, we did seasonal jobs which equaled no department store shopping. Just food shopping. And last year we didn't have much moolah.

    I'm hoping this year I can add a piece or two here and there and rebuild!!!

    I am so happy you described color blocking! I've been wondering exactly what it was. ^_^ Sounds fun to me!

  3. Super cute outfit and a great post. Makes me want to go shopping! :-)


  4. I really like this outfit! I love the dress and the pattern!

  5. I love this outfit and the color!! What an inspiration! I need to get beyond black, white and gray :) Super cute! (visiting from The Pleated Poppy)

  6. Love your dress! SO cute! Great tips :) i need to go shopping like soon :D

  7. yay, cute! i love color!! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  8. Love all the color - a new pair of red shoes is definitely on my list to buy. I wore out my last pair!

  9. I love this outfit!! You are so cute and thank you for all the fantastic tips. Very helpful. PS I love your new blog look!! Very pretty! xoox

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! So cute!!

    I also linked up

    XOXO Andrea

  11. I adore THIS!!!

  12. I hopped over here from your what I'm wearing link up.

    I'm totally digging all the colors, but I'm especially LOVING that headband! I like the little bow, as opposed to all the huge ones you usually see! I NEED one :)

  13. i love your use of color! turned out so pretty. i must try this...

  14. LOOOOVE.

    Especially the red vintage shoes.
    I die.

    Colors for summer make me happy although I tend to always reach for neutrals.


  15. I love your style. The floral print and your mix of colors is perfect!

  16. This post is perfect for me! I have been wearing outfits entirely comprised of navy and grey lately. Thanks for the tips!

  17. ABSOLUTELY love it! You are cute as a button, and the color combination=perfect!

  18. I love all of the thrifted items you show! You need to teach me to thrift! Come to New York!!!!

  19. LOVE that shirt! I like the style and the color palette. Thanks for the tips :D

  20. I am in love with this.
    You look put together but FUN!
    It looks like an outfit I would choose. BUT I don't have any leggings or tights (gasp).

  21. That is the cutest tunic! I love how all of your solids ended up being primary colors.

  22. Such a cute outfit! Love the flowers on the dress and the colors in it! Great ideas for adding color to your outfits. Thanks! :-)

  23. You are super cute, the red accents are divine. Normally I am a frigid bitch, but if I saw you on the street I would run up and hug you.


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