Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Matchy Matchy

So after I got dressed today, I went outside and realized that the tree in my neighbor's yard had bloomed and my outfit matched the petals and the grass pretty perfectly. This obviously was the universe's way of telling me a photo shoot was in order.

I'm not trying to look like a dinosaur or something, I just wanted to throw the petals around (because I'm six years old, obviously)

Dress and earrings: F21
Wrap and necklace: Old Navy
Tights: Target
Shoes: Payless
Tank and purse: Thrifted

I always have to play with this wrap like it's a pair of wings (again - I'm six years old)

I'm so excited that it's FINALLY starting to look like spring here in Michigan (not the rainy kind of spring, but the flowery, sunny kind of spring). This week I went to a baseball game and did some work outside instead of in front of the TV, and this weekend I'm hoping to spend even more time outside taking walks, planting flowers and other springy stuff. What does the warm weather have in store for you?

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  1. Pretty outfit! I love pink and green together, it's so fresh and cheerful. ^_^ Also, I am also six-years-old. I often do the :O face in pictures and try and set the timer to catch myself twirling, haha.

    We had two awesome Spring days and than two almost three non-stop awesome rainy days. I didn't mind the rain one bit, but I did hate the temp dropping... Again...

    We have a garden to plant! :O And as soon as we have money, we want to buy a new BBQ so we can BBQ food outside. Yum!

  2. looove the colors of this outfit. esp in love with the color of those tights!

  3. I love this outfit, the colors are great! Your dress totally goes with the flowers! I love your nail polish too!! Here's to Michigan Spring!

  4. I adore that wrap! I love the color!

  5. What an amazing tulip magnolia tree!! You're right, your outfit could not have matched more perfectly!

  6. I love this outfit and I love that tree. How beautiful!! PS I also love to throw leaves in the air and have it be raining green leaves. It makes perfect sense to me!! :)

  7. You're too funny Annie! Love the wrap!

  8. Oh my gosh, I love your blog! I just found it on the Pleated Poppy and I am so glad I did! Now following!

    Hope you'll follow back!

    Ask the Duplex

  9. Had to have a peek since we're having a matchy-matchy day too...

    New follower from WIWW @ Pleated Poppy.

    Sweet blog.

  10. love the green tights! So cute! and who doesn't love to match every now and again!
    glad i found your blog



  11. Great outfit! Love the cardigan and the matching leggings.... :)

  12. you are straight up DARLING!

    love that outfit and all those blooms that fell so perfectly on your lawn :)

  13. I'm loving Michigan for the weather lately too!

    ps; pretty flowers/outfit!

  14. After the horror stories from my guy about snow in April i'm glad it's finally getting more spring like in MI - it's about time!

    Love your necklace too x

  15. Aw love this outfit! You do match the outside! How pretty! :-)


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