Monday, May 2, 2011

Fun Summer Goals

Every spring/summer I make a list of fun things I hope to do. I never accomplish everything on my list, but it helps me to make one anyway.

  • Trips to the beach with books, magazines and snacks

  • Build a really impressive sandcastle
  • Go on a picnic (or lots of picnics)

  • Buy a kite and actually fly it, not just let it sit in my trunk

  • Grill outside almost every day

  • Hit up every garage sale, estate sale and rummage sale in town
  • Bonfires with lots of smores, hopefully at least once a week

  • Buy a little inflatable pool and hang out there while relaxing, instead of in front of the TV
  • Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and other nostalgia

  • Go outside to read and knit, in between playing fetch with the dogs
  • Make crazy awesome costumes for the final HP movie premiere

  • Explore "Pure Michigan" and all the summer fun it has to offer
  • Slip'n'Slide, duh
  • Go camping for the first time ever (yes I'm serious), even if it's just backyard camping
  • Go canoeing on the river
  • Ice cream every day

  • Mimosas for breakfast

  • Vacation with my best friends

  • Go to the zoo


I'm sure I'm missing a lot, but it helps me to have a little post about some of them, for those "I'm bored" days. So... Do you have any fun goals for this summer?


  1. ha! i LOVED this - i am soooo ready and so excited for summer!!!

  2. What a great list!!! I definitely need to do lots on the list! I definitely want to go to the beach, hang out by the pool at my parent's house. Just so excited summer is almost here! Although I'm enjoying this weather! :-)

  3. yahoo!!! Well yes, HP is a must! Camping! Oh man you totally have to we love it! I love the idea of mimosas! haha

  4. What a great new look for your blog Annie!



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