Friday, April 29, 2011

Treasure Hunting/Hoarding

Who doesn't love hunting for treasure? Whether it's a thrift store, garage sale, estate sale, or antique shop, finding old junk that's really interesting to you is so much more fun than shopping at the mall. Last week, however, I had the chance to do something even more exciting: pick through my grandma's attic. I got to find some really unique craft supplies and other vintage goodies. It's soooo much more fun to do something like this rather than thrifting because you can hear the story behind the items, find sentimental value, and get a really great deal (read: free).

This apple bag is PERFECT for picnics this summer. I'll also probably just carry it every day.

Lots of her old fabrics still had the original receipts!

This was the perfect addition to my vintage camera collection.

Her pillow fabrics are so unique and cool (with lots of birds)

Yes, that is a box full of yellow yarn

And I now have boxes and boxes full of eyelet, lace, and other sewing notions!

So basically, I'm just turning into a hoarder, but instead of gross stuff I just have really cool stuff. AND maybe one day I'll get to be on TV - win win.


  1. :O!!! All of that is AWESOME!!! Holy wow!

  2. Just think of all the things you're stocking up on for your grand-daughter to someday sort through and find treasures of her own! :)

  3. Great finds! I have some great things from my grandmother too. The best part is the 100% off discount :)

  4. but think of all the great projects you can do now!!!

  5. great finds!
    i have the polariod rainbow land camera too!
    AND i have a vintage camera collection too!

    so awesome.


  6. it all looks so great! glad you had a good time with your grandma too - hearing grandmas' stories are always the best.

  7. that polaroid is SO SWEET


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