Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Outfit: Gloomy Day & My Life As A Hermit

Oh summer, please get here soon. It's no longer really cold here in Michigan, but it's been raining way too much for my liking. I hate hate hate the gym and would so much rather take a walk outside to get my daily dose of exercise. So now in avoidance of the treadmill, I've just been staying in and am getting worried about becoming a weird, unhealthy hermit.

Yep, this weather is now affecting my outfits. I look like the dark grayish blue sky outside in this outfit (thus the reason I am not actually outside in these photos), and I've just been drinking coffee constantly (more than usual, even) because it's harder to keep working when I have no outdoor breaks in between.

Dress and earrings: F21
Shirt and boots: Parisian
Necklace: Vintage
Tights: Target
Headband: H&M
Ring: Thrifted

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

What do you do to cope with the April showers?


  1. That's a lovely outfit. I really like it.

  2. Such a cute outfit! I hear you on being a hermit. Ever since I've been on "break" from work, I feel like I've become a recluse. I even went to Starbucks today just to get out of the house and read/work on the computer. Didn't talk to anyone but at least it was out. :-) I'm still working on the getting showered/dressed daily. Lol (don't tell anyone! ;-)

  3. I love and feel inspired by rainy/stormy weather so I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!!! Some of my favorite colors right there. ^_^

    And mmm, coffeeee...

  4. i just saw that you also won the lovely blogger award fmor the domestic sweatheart.

    seems like you have a really good sense of style, i love the cheetah head band with this outfit!

    im a new follower of your blog, check mine out too


  5. Cute outfit! It's been cold cold cold here and now we've had a couple of warm days but they've ended in serious rain and thunderstorms. I'm ready for summer too.

    Have a great week.

    Visiting from http://livingoutsidethestacks.com

  6. LOVE your tights! And I'm with you - Michigan has been waaayyyyyyyy too rainy lately. At least everything will be really green, right?

  7. yeah. . . Michigan, it's a love hate relationship! I do like the prints with the headband and the tights though!

  8. This might be my favorite outfit of yours!

    I snuggle, watch movies, read...but I enjoy getting out in the rain, on purpose. It helps me to look at it as a fun, enjoyable sensation, rather than a nuisance. Not always easy when it's also cold.

  9. love the tights... love the boots... just love the whole thing!

  10. i know what you mean- i like a lot of color, and i hate it when i realze i've put together a drab outfit for the day :/

    that said, i love those tights & i think the outfit works well for you!

  11. Our weather in Oregon has been stinky too. But I love your outfit - way cute!

  12. Beautiful! The leopard print headband rocks. You don't look like an unhealthy hermit, if that makes you feel better. :)
    gin @ Life as Topher's Mama

  13. I love your outfit, but this winter has been extremely long, gray, and gloomy. I've kinda become an unhealthy hermit myself. Thank God spring is coming!

  14. I love your outfit, but this winter has been extremely long, gray, and gloomy. I've kinda become an unhealthy hermit myself. Thank God spring is coming!

  15. Your outfit is super cute.
    Love your accessories!
    Shelly xo


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