Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I Wore

It's getting warmer! I still can't pull off a dress with no tights, but I can settle for leggings and moccasins.

This outfit is really comfortable and allowed me to DESTROY my to-do list today (raise your hand if you just pictured me going all Godzilla and tearing up my list while stomping around and wreaking havoc - because that's what I was going for with that statement).

Details: shirt & belt: f21 ~ cardigan: thrifted ~ leggings: Target ~ moccasins: Minnetonka ~ earrings: vintage
*linking up with The Pleated Poppy for WIWW

What are the first clothing items you bust out when springtime hits??


  1. so pretty! probably my favorite outfit yet - and love the hair, of course!

  2. I love your top! It is beautiful for a day like today.
    Am I totally out of the loop? Are your bangs new?

  3. Too cute! And I love your bangs!

  4. I love your hair! It looks great!

  5. Really cute dress! I like it. ;)


  6. Love your hair Annie! And that is such a beautiful dress.

  7. I did actually picture you going all godzilla even before I read that part. Ha! That outfit does look super comfy. I notice I am way less productive at work if I am uncomfortable.

  8. You are too cute! And P.S. everyone loves your blog design on my page! Do you want some credit? I don't mind putting a link to your page on there or your button?

  9. I LOVE your shoes!! Those are sooooo cute!!!
    When Spring finally arrives I will be wearing my sandals more!! I LOVE wearing sandals! Or...just going barefoot! ;)

  10. Hi there. Love yoru outfit. ANd I did not see your hair before but I love it. Love the bangs. They are very Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada. Cute!

  11. I love the bold floral on that dress! Yes, I'm breaking out the florals and the softer tones for spring too. Nice earrings!
    link up?-

  12. Loooove those mocs! Great blog ya have here!


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