Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Snapshot: Dino Fun

Today I'm linking up with Yellow Songbird's Saturday Snapshot, because I think it's such a fun idea to share random old photos.

Anyway, this incredibly unflattering photo of me was taken in high school. For our spirit week, I used to get really into my costumes. We had "decades day," where most people usually wore some kind of '80's getup or hippie costume. But not me, I went as a dinosaur. (It was really a kids' shark costume, but I cut off the fin and altered the bottom so I would fit). It was a pretty big hit.


  1. puhahahhaah LOVE this girl!!! best ever!

  2. ha! such a great pic. this really made LOL i think we would have been friends in high school!

  3. ha! awesome :) thanks for linking up!

  4. hilarious:)
    i wish i knew you in high school. i would have thought you were the coolest;)

  5. That is pretty genius. I actually met an ex boyfriend on halloween, and he was wearing an altered kids costume. Similar, but not as cool. I would never have though to do something like that, but I guess I am missing that creative gene. So good.

  6. So funny and creative.
    {stopping by from the party!}


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