Tuesday, March 29, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Week 2

I've fallen soooooo behind on this 30 Days of Lists thing... Sorry! But I'm playing catch-up this week so you can expect lots of lists in the near future.

For week 2, I wrote my notes using crayon (because I'm 6 years old, apparently). UNFORTUNATELY, they were Rose Art, and everyone knows that Rose Art crayons are the WORST (not even sure how they got into my house, to be honest). But I hope you can look past the crappy choice of crayon brand and enjoy the lists anyway!


  1. That funny lists!!! You are so nice!!!


  2. Yay you, fun post love the crayon writing :-)

  3. I'm totally in the same boat you are, playing catch up on the lists. :-) Maybe I can get it a little more together this week too. Good luck! Love your colorful lists.

  4. Oh, next time just ask - I have a box of Crayola 96 with the built-in sharpener. (it's not my son's, it's mine) :)

  5. I love crayon lists but I'm with you on Rose Crayons. Boo! Great lists! My 4-yr niece calls Unicorns 'Noon-i-corns' Haha. So cute!

  6. Great lists Annie! I really like that use coloured crayons to make your list. It looks like a bit of art!


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