Tuesday, March 1, 2011

24 Before 24

Today's my birthday!!!! Yes, the big 2-3 - it's the most boring number, isn't it? To celebrate, I'm doing another goals post (I love these), but since I already have a serious list of goals for this year, I've decided to make a fun one. So here it is, the 24 awesome things I hope to do before my 24th birthday next March 2.

  1. Learn to play the harmonica at least a little
  2. Pursue my lifelong (okay, more like 2-year-long) dream of attending Comic Con in a semi-official capacity
  3. Knit an entire campy outfit a la Molly Weasley (I'm going for this look, but with more yarn)
  4. Film a B-Horror movie with my friends
  5. Learn to speak Klingon (I'm embarrassed I don't already know it)
  6. Take swing dancing lessons
  7. Learn more about wines. Right now I just order whatever people suggest to me. I'd like to be a connoisseur one day, so I need to get on that.
  8. Begin writing a novel. I might attempt NaNoWriMo, if I have the time.
  9. Go camping - even if it's wimpy backyard camping (yes, I've NEVER camped - can you believe it?)
  10. Start a garden.
  11. Get another tattoo (or more, if I have the money [I won't {I might do it anyway}])
  12. Treasure hunt at estate sales.
  13. Catch up on Mad Men on DVD.
  14. Build a fort for no reason.
  15. Design and create a line of skirts and dresses
  16. Watch all of the movies nominated for next year's Academy Awards BEFORE the actual show.
  17. Have lots of fun photo shoots (both for new products and just for fun)
  18. Host a murder mystery dinner party.
  19. Read 3 classic novels I've never read before.
  20. Re-learn some yo-yo tricks (I used to be really good at yo-yoing back in elementary school).
  21. Go on some day trips to nearby cities I've never visited.
  22. Try bikram yoga.
  23. Decorate a really intricate cake.
  24. Get rid of all the stuff I keep around that I really don't need.
I love birthdays! (even boring ones like 23) I'm going to go shopping with my mom and then loaf all day. I also have another outfit post coming up later (yeah, I'm doing it again - I may or may not be addicted already). Have a great day, friends!


  1. Happy birthday fellow Pisces :) that's a great list! can't wait to see you check them off :)

  2. Happy birthday, friend! May you have a wonderful birthday! :)

  3. Happy happy birthday, Annie! Yay for you and all of your ambitious goals. ComicCon is a must. . .and so are soooo many others on your uber fun list :D

  4. Happy Birthday! I love how you just casually mentioned designing and creating a line of skirts and dresses. Ha! "...yeah no biggie I'm just designing a clothing line this year..."
    I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Annie!
    I can't wait to see your skirts & dresses, and I think Mrs. Weasley's sleeves are divine!

  6. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day, have fun and I hope that you'll accomplish all your goals! :-)

  7. Happy birthday! Hope it's amazing! Your goals look so much fun!!! :D :D

  8. Happy birthday! My husband and Brother in Law tried to get tickets to Comic Con this year and it was sold out in 3 hours - I think they should go anyway and see if they can get in!

  9. Hope you had a great birthday! I just had to comment that I love that you want to learn Klingon. I feel like adding that to a personal list of goals too, haha. :)


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