Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Business Cards

To celebrate my new shop opening this week, I decided to buy myself a little gift. Out of all the things I could have possibly bought, I chose to re-design my business cards (nerd alert!) But I think they look really good.

I used TinyPrints to design these. It was so easy to customize the design, and I got to include a lot of information that was left off my previous business cards. I'm really happy with them!

P.S. My new shop opens tomorrow!!! I've been working so hard setting everything up and making lots and lots of new items, so I can't wait to finally show you!


  1. That's awesome.
    I like them.

    Did you get to customize every part of the card? And how much did they cost?

  2. so cute! they match your lovely blog so nicely :)

  3. these are so beautiful! ive been looking for a new biz card (ive always used MOO) so i will have to check out tiny prints - thanks for the tip :)

  4. these look great! Thanks for the link to TinyPrints. I've been shopping around, and they've got some great designs!

  5. They look awesome! Good luck for tomorrow!

  6. Cute! Can't wait to see the new shop :)

  7. love it! i just ordered mine through moo cards had i known about tiny prints i would have gone that route.

    anyhoo! thank you for your follow on google friend connect! i just have to say I HEART YOUR BLOG! it's so pretty! following you back girl!

    have a loveLee friday!



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