Thursday, January 6, 2011

Knitting 101

Yesterday I started teaching my very first knitting class! It was so interesting to teach something that is so second-nature to me anymore. I learned to knit about 10 years ago (when I was in middle school!) so teaching this class forced me to actually think about how to explain what I do for hours every day.

Since there are so many people out there who want to knit but haven't gotten around to learning (or who have tried to learn, but then dropped it for awhile), I decided to do something similar here! Starting next week, I'm going to share some "lessons" for beginning knitters. I'll post vlogs, photos and explanations that will hopefully be helpful for those attempting to learn knitting.

Once the basics have been covered, I'd also like to share some free knitting patterns. I plan to make some myself (as part of my new year's resolution) but if any fellow knitters would like to submit a pattern, that would be amazing! just email me at anne (dot) pilon (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll chat!


  1. Ugh, please do. I want to learn so badly but I'm terrible at starting things out.

    But if you posted lots of photos and explanations, I think I'd be able to learn. :)

    Can't wait!


  2. i really really really wana learn how to knit.. or crochet! which one would you recommend?? do you know how to do both?? that may be my goal for this year!!

  3. Yay exciting! I've been trying to teach myself how to knit lately actually. :)
    Can't wait to see what you have to share!!

    The Sweetest Life

  4. i used to do a lot of knitting and i miss it! i should start doing it again


  5. i really wanna learn how to knit :(
    but didn't have much time for now.
    love your work dear ;)

  6. That is really kind of you.. I can certainly use some refresher pointers. :-)

  7. I have some free patterns on my blog and I'd be happy to let you re-post them (with credit).

    There are always new people showing up to my monday night knitting group so I have to teach informally every once in a while. It can be fun but challenging. I had a new one this week, but she caught on really quick. Even learned how to do a long tail cast-on without much difficulty, so I think she'll be a start student.

    Have fun with your endeavor, contact me if you want to post a pattern or two.

  8. Hope you had a good time teaching!

  9. I want to learn! Teach us!
    You should post a little list of the things we need in order to start. Plz, teach us!


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