Monday, January 17, 2011

It's in the Bag

I'm so excited to be joining Ashley from A Hasty Life in her awesome blog crawl today! Yesterday, Blair from Wild and Precious shared the contents of her purse, and today it's my turn!

A Hasty Life

My purse is from Olive Tree Textiles - "The Charlie Bag" in Sky Blue. I love it so much because it's so unique and colorful. I'm not really a big label or designer kind of girl, so I love handmade bags that have that same high quality workmanship without the huge price tag.

Here's what's inside:

  1. yarn and knitting needles - obviously
  2. a pair of mittens for the cold Michigan winter
  3. vintage wallet
  4. Burt's Bees lip balm - I'm obsessed
  5. Motrin - always be prepared
  6. my iPhone - never go anywhere without it
  7. granola bar or some kind of snack
  8. pens - only one is pictured, but there are usually at least seven in there
  9. asthma inhaler
  10. hand lotion - Irresistible by Givenchi
  11. gum
  12. Cannon Powershot - portrayed by its case, since I was using the actual camera to take this picture
  13. pair of sunglasses - nothing special, I think I just got this pair at F21 for a couple bucks, but they've lasted a few years
  14. some kind of cute accessory - this one is "Jessica" by BailyBelle Creations
  15. hand sanitizer
  16. pink ribbon purse holder - sticks on the end of a table at a restaurant so you don't have to set your purse on the ground (very nifty!)
  17. reading material - sometimes a book, sometimes Real Simple or ReadyMade

Not pictured: (I was checking items off my to-do list at the time)
day planner from Monkeycheeks - I forget EVERYTHING unless I write it in here, so it pretty much contains my whole life. I always have it with me. 

Thanks Ashley, for hosting the Blog Crawl! It was a lot of fun. Tomorrow it's Girly Things by E's turn to show you "what's in the bag," so make sure to visit her blog then!


  1. i love real simple - and i love how you carry your knitting around!!!

  2. Look at your super cute purse!! AND I love the color of that yarn! It almost looks metallic! LOVE IT!! Thanks a million for participating in this blog crawl!!

    <3 Ashley

  3. i LOVE the pattern of your purse sweetie!! and real simple is one of my fave magazines!!!!!

  4. oh I NEED one of those purse things! where did you get it? I hate putting my bag on the ground:)

  5. your blog is cool, im just new follower.
    do you want to follow my blog?

  6. Yarn/needles in my purse at all times (unless I know I'm going somewhere smoky), too! Cute bag!


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