Monday, December 6, 2010

Yarn Wreaths

Unless you've been living under a virtual rock for the past few months, then you know yarn wreaths are all the rage in the blogosphere right now. A huge yarn connoisseur myself, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get in on the action.

The project itself is pretty self-explanatory. You just need to wrap some yarn around and around and around a wreath frame until the whole thing is covered. The fun is in the embellishing!

For my first wreath, I just made a classic green one with a red bow. I knit the red bow instead of using fabric just to keep true to the yarn theme.


For my second wreath, I used a multi-colored yarn so that it came out striped. It is white, green, and red, so still very festive for Christmas, but it turned out really neat.

Then I got a little more intricate with my embellishments. I cut out red, green, and white felt into poinsettia flowers and used hot glue to attach them to the wreath.

This was a really fun project, but there are some shops that make these and do a really REALLY good job. Making these was a lot of fun, but I think I'll stick with knitting for now and leave the wreaths to the pros. Has anyone else tried this project?


  1. Super cute! I love the striped version. I did a yarn wreath last year and while I love the final product, I don't think I'll be doing one again - it was sooooo much work! Wrap wrap wrap wrap wrap wrap...

  2. i love the knitted bow! you are so awesome at knitting. i am terrible and make a hot mess. your project is awesome possum! :)gina

  3. I have a little side project called Felt Good Crafts and I make yarn wreaths. I love them! Its my version of being crafty that doesn't involve scrapbooking. I love red yarn bow, though. Super cute!

  4. So cute! I made one too for the fall season but now I've gotta figure out what to do for a Christmas wreath! :)


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