Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Season of Giving

Hi friends! It's the first day of December and that means it's really time to get down to holiday-themed business. This is my absolute favorite month because of all of the excitement, happiness, and giving. (Though I try to do this all the time) I like to do as many nice things as possible during the month of December, SO I thought I should do something for you guys too.

Starting today, I will offer free advertising on this blog for the entire month of December. This is only available for the first 15 people to email me with your shop/blog/website you'd like to feature.


  • You must make your own banner. I can make one for you, but it will not be free (sorry!)
  • Banners must be 150x100 - static ads only (you don't need to send me the banner in the initial email, just sending me the link will reserve your place)
  • Your business must be something that the readers of my blog can relate to, but that's fairly broad, so basically you cannot advertise your motorcycle repair shop here (bummer, huh?)
  • There will be no sponsor posts or any editorial content that comes with the sponsorship, UNLESS you want to sponsor a giveaway (just let me know if you do)

That's it! There is no catch, no pressure, or any other qualifications. So email me at and I'll get your ads up as soon as possible! Happy holidays!


  1. your photo is adorable:) love it! :)gina

  2. oh hey! i'd love to get in on this! i'll DM you on the twittersphere.... thanks!


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