Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kitschy Ornament Wreath

Through the past few weeks I've saved so many amazing tutorials for beautiful handmade Christmas decor. Everyone is so TALENTED (yes, you) I can't even believe it. So next year, I'm going to spend lots of time making pretty things for my home, but this year I'm going to have fun!

My Christmas decorations are mostly handmade or vintage (or handmade AND vintage) because lots of it was passed down from other family members and we never throw anything away. So of course, a lot of it has sentimental value, and it's cute in a kitschy sort of way. BUT over the years we've accumulated so much of it that the sheer amount of kitsch can be overwhelming.

So this year I decided to condense some of the awesome handmade/vintage ornaments into a wreath. It was so simple and it honestly looks cute.

I started with a standard wreath frame and began gluing some of my bigger vintage bulb ornaments to it. Then I started to fill it in with slightly smaller ornaments, and then even smaller plain bulbs. I chose to go with a pink/blue/white color pallet, but that part of it is up to you.

Then I started to fill in all of the gaps with the garland. I looped the garland between each of the ornaments, then around the outside and inside of the wreath, gluing it in place as I went. I then let it dry, tied a ribbon to the top, and used a dangling ornament for some embellishment at the bottom.



  1. Fun sparkly decors!

    Merry Christmas! May this season be filled with joy, peace, and blessings to you and your family! ;)


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