Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Memory Jar Tutorial

One of the greatest things about Christmas is all the memories that accumulate over the years - family stories, traditions, recipes, decorations, everything. This tutorial is super easy and it gives you a way to keep all of your holiday memories safe so that you can share them with family (and remind yourself) year after year.

First, you'll cut your fabric scrap into a square using the top of the Ball Jar (or any kind of jar, really) as a guide. You want the ends of the fabric to have about 1 in extra on EACH SIDE. So it should be just over 2 square inches larger than the top of the jar.

Cut a little bit of cotton batting (a little bit smaller than the top of the jar) and secure that and the fabric using the outside of the jar top. Tie a ribbon around the border.

Cut out little pieces of construction paper and put them into the jar. We also put a small pen into the jar, but that's up to you.


So here's the gist of the memory jar:

My family has had these for years. My brother and cousins and I wrote on the papers as kids, and we still read them every year. It's now become its own tradition!

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  1. such a fantastic idea! I love reading everyone's traditions! i think we're going to start this one!


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