Monday, November 15, 2010

My Very Own Saddle Shoes

I've been looking for a pair of good saddle shoes for quite awhile now. I used to wear them constantly as a little girl, but haven't been able to find a great, budget-friendly pair in a grown-up size. So I was very happy to find this tutorial on the Bleubird Blog. Here is my pair:

{I think they go really well with my pink socks}

It's very straightforward. Just use some fabric markers for the edges, and acrylic paint for the rest. Let it dry and voila! You can find a more detailed description on James's blog. Enjoy your new shoes. I know I've enjoyed mine.


  1. Awesome and So EASY!! they look great

  2. Cute! I always wanted a pair of these when I was little but never got one.

  3. woooowhza! I ran across your blog and I love this idea. Bookmarked and following. Really cute.

  4. wow - creative!!

    and hey, ive missed you girl! feels like forever!!! hope you've been well. :)

  5. Boy does that take me back! I wore saddles as a wee one. So cute!


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