Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Template Roundup

One of my favorite parts of fall is pumpkin carving. I always go through a lot of templates online to find the perfect one, so here are some of my favorites this year (not telling which one I chose just yet).

HGTV Pumpkin Templates
HGTV has posted a grouping of 15 gorgeous and simple designs ranging from this elegant chair to a Hansel and Gretel outline, to lantern and candle designs.

Better Homes and Gardens Stencils
This collection has a whole lot of classic designs, along with a few funny ones mixed in. I particularly like this "undercover pumpkin," but the vampires, Frankensteins, black cats, and other spooks are cute too.

Celebrating Halloween
This site has an even bigger variety of free templates, but my favorites are these girly/artsy designs, because I haven't seen anything like them on other sites. If you want something elegant, definitely consider this cameo style silhouette or flower patterns.

There are so many great ones available. I could browse for hours, but unfortunately I just don't have many hours to spare right now. Daily photo posts are on hold for awhile, and my blogging will be a lot more sporadic for now. I'll be back to normal in a couple of weeks, I promise. Miss you all!


  1. oh wow!! this is totally cool! i'm not sure the last time i carved a pumpkin, so sad!!

  2. I too LOVE carving pumpkins. I got a few today and have yet to decide what to carve.


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