Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Inspiration with The Curious Pug

Today's guest blogger is Alycia from The Curious Pug. Her blog is one of my favorites because she always has great Etsy finds and fun interactive features. She also has a huge giveaway going on right now with 10 prizes and 10 winners (and one of the prizes is a hat from my shop). I hope you enjoy her wonderful post about Halloween inspiration!


Hi everyone! This is Alycia from guest blogging for Annie! Fall is my favorite season because of the change in weather, pretty colors of the leaves changing, and knowing the holidays are getting close. So I chose to create a collage of some of my favorite Halloween items I've bookmarked over the last few weeks to kick start the beginning of Fall!

1. Witch Legs Coconut Topped Cupcake from BHG. 2. Candy Corn Wreath from Women's Day. 3. Sleepy Ghost from Chetanddot. 4.Zombers a Halloween Monster Plushie by SaintAngel. 5. Plush Vampire Candy Corn from ToyTokyo. 6. White Pumpkin from BHG. 7. Pumpkin Party Cooler from Martha Stewart. 8. No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating from Good Housekeeping.

I hope you are inspired!


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