Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Storm Trooper Hat

I believe that modesty is a virtue, but what I'm about to show you might just be a little too awesome for my own good. I'm trying not to gush about it too much, but I do think I'm in love.

Yes, that is a storm trooper hat from Star Wars. Yes, I did make it. It's probably one of my favorite things I've ever done. Seriously. It was fairly simple too. The hat is a pretty standard hat pattern (the one I use for the majority of my hats) in white acrylic yarn. And all of the facial features are made of felt and hand-stitched onto the hat.

What have you done lately that you're really proud of?


  1. That... is... INCREDIBLE!!! D:

  2. Oh, this is AWESOME, Annie! Go ahead and toot your horn ;D

  3. hehehe what an AWESOME hat!!

  4. That is CRAZY COOL! I would SO buy it :D

    Love your blog and blog look by the way :)

  5. oh no you didn't! that hat is SO creative!


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