Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My First Scrapbooking Experience

Scrapbooking is a hugely popular hobby amongst crafty types, but it has never held much interest for me, which is strange since I have always loved designing collages and magazine layouts. But this year was my grandma's 80th birthday, and I thought the perfect gift for her would be a scrapbook of photos from her party.

I didn't get a whole lot of scrapbook supplies. I just stuck with a standard book, some paper, a few tags, glue, tape, and markers.

I tried to make it as personal as possible, separating the photos and creating cute layouts that I thought my grandma would like. I also chose pink floral patterns for the scrapbook and the paper, because that is definitely her style.

I gave it to her a couple of days ago, and she absolutely LOVED it. In the future, I think I might go with a more digital version of scrapbooking. I think I could make something a little more advanced with InDesign. But this was definitely a success for my first attempt.

Have you had any experience with scrapbooking?


  1. I always have a lot of fun making scrapbooks, but the cleaning up afterwards can be such a pain. I think scrapbooks make such beautiful presents because of the time and effort one puts into them. =)

  2. I've been making a scrapbook about mine and my guy's holiday, such fun making things. I just use stuff from magazines as backgrounds and their letters for wording. I get totally carried away with it.

  3. Ooh i started a while back, love doing it :D x

  4. I've dabbled in it, but I'm not really a fan either. I adore art journaling though.


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