Monday, September 13, 2010

Detroit Lives!

I've you've watched Dateline, read Time Magazine, or basically paid any kind of attention to the news in the past several years, then you know that Detroit is a struggling city. You've probably seen thousands of images of decrepit buildings and crackheads and murders - the list goes on and on. As a resident of Metro-Detroit, I can't argue that those things don't exist here - they most certainly do. HOWEVER, they are not the only things that happen here, and all of us who do love this area are pretty sick of being portrayed that way.

That's why I was so glad to see this short series of videos featuring Johnny Knoxville and some young Detroit artists and entrepreneurs. It shows the broken down buildings, but also the DIY movement that is slowly but surely working toward re-building this city. Even if you aren't from Detroit, I HIGHLY recommend that you watch these videos to see what it is really like. There are a lot of exciting things happening here, and if you are a Michigan resident like me, I urge you to get involved!

Watch the videos here.

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  1. oooo im gonna have to watch these.
    i love Johnny <3

    I gave you the Sunshine Award!
    To snag it check out my latest bloggy :D


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