Wednesday, September 15, 2010


In my last post, and in this one, I talked about my goal of taking more pictures. I'm really bad about photographing things that happen in my everyday life, and I need to get better at it. So from now on, I'm going to do a photo-a-day post. Nothing fancy, just a photo and a quick description. I'm not even going to make up witty titles - I'm just using the date (which will be better to keep me on track, I think). They'll probably mostly be pics from my cell phone or photobooth, but hey - it's something! I'll try to keep it interesting.

With that said, here's my first one, and it's pretty swell.

I just finished knitting this fancy beard. My inspiration was Dumbledore, but it could also pass for Santa, a gnome, Merlin or anyone else with a really long white beard. I like it!


  1. where do you get these ideas and do you use a pattern or your very own? you are crazy talented-not to mention hilarious as a beard model! :)gina

  2. I just make them up. I don't even know how to use patterns, actually. I'm going to try to learn so that I can make patterns for my stuff.

  3. thats an intense beard! i like how you don't use patterns. thats how i am when i sew.


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