Monday, September 13, 2010

5-Minute DIY Project: T-Shirt Yarn

I love projects that use supplies I already have, especially when I have no use for said supplies and the project can help me to recycle them into something useful. If you're anything like me, you have a lot of old clothes lying around, so why not turn them into something useful? A.K.A. yarn.

This is super easy (hence the 5 minute part of the title). All you need is an old t-shirt and some scissors.

You'll start by cutting about an inch into the bottom of the shirt. Start cutting the inch-wide strip off of the bottom, and going up in a spiral until you reach the sleeves. Once you hit the sleeves, you'll cut along the bottom seam and then make cuts in a zig-zag pattern like shown. Repeat on both sides.

After this, you'll have a square left around the collar. Cut around the outside until you have reached the collar. Then all you have to do is wind it up into a ball. Voila!

What do you think I should knit out of this?

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