Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekly Pinboard

Those are my inspiring images for the week. What has you inspired right now?


  1. I love those teacup lights! So cute!

    Right now, I'm trying to find inspiration to finish my masters thesis, but instead, I seem to be baking and reading...oh well! :)

  2. It could be worse sign in fantastic! I need one for sure but that might be setting myself up for something worse ;)

    I'm inspired by the 600pgs of Instyle magazine I got in the mail today :)

  3. oh that bedding!! where is that from? i <3 it :)

  4. nice pictures! i want that "it could be worse" thing :)

  5. First, I love Zöe Deschanel. Second, I LOVELOVELOVE that bedspread and totally want to get it but the bf doesn't like it so much. boo. I'll just have to stick to stalking the picture. :(


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